Slow Holiday on Lake Saimaa

Price starting 338.00 € per person

Relax in Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän and in the sceneries of Lake Saimaa

The history of Järvisydän began already in 1658, when the first member of Heiskanen family get a piece of land as a present, because he had been working well in the army, but there came also a regulation, that he had to built up a guest house and a place where to change the horses. Now a days a guest house is run by the 11th generation and the history is cherished in the buildings, surroundings, restaurants and in activities of the resort.

During our slow holiday, you can accommodate in our new hotel, which have been built from the Finnish rocks and the old log woods, in the restaurant you can enjoy the local delicasies during the Guest House dinner.

Our lake safari takes you to the oldest national park in Finland, Linnansaari, from where e.g. the ice roads have become to our village already in 1600’s. The safari is made by our nostalgic wooden boats and we’ll stop on Kaarnetsaari island, where you can walk along the nature paths, see a beautiful wooden chapel and try to make the local sausages and pancakes on a camp fire. In the evening you can relax in our new Lake Spa, which is the most ecolocigal spa in whole Finland and it’s also a real feat of Finnish handicraft as the walls of the spa are real rocks, the roof is full of over 500 years old log woods, on the floors you can walk over the natural rocks and the lake water runs in some of the pools. The real Finnish culture you can experience in 5 different saunas.

The days you can begin or end by a slow yoga lesson.

Welcome to enjoy the Finnish slow life!

Price 338 €/person
Incl. 3 night’s accommodation in standard room of hotel, 3 x breakfas, a guided safari to
the national park (incl. 0utdoor lunch), an entrance to the Lake Spa,
1 x Guest House dinner and 1 x Seasonal Yoga, Aerial Yoga or SUP Yoga
lesson by your choice.


Price starting
338.00 € per person