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  • Tuemme vastuullisesti paikallistaloutta We support the local economy in a responsible manner 3 / 3
  • Vaalimme kulttuuriperintöä We treasure cultural heritage 3 / 3
  • Olemme saavutettavissa esteettömästi We offer unobstructed accessibility 2 / 2
  • Toimimme ympäristöystävällisesti We are environmentally friendly 14 / 14
  • Teemme vastuullisuutta suunnitelmallisesti We are consistent in sustainability 5 / 6


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Price starting á 8.00 €

Innocence Mocktail 8 €

A refreshing and summery non-alcoholic Strawberry Margarita. This drink is a tribute to modern opera and its innovations. Saariaho’s work has caught the attention of critics and audiences alike, offering a fresh perspective on the world of opera.

Pike pizza18,90 €

A local specialty with an international twist. A thin, crispy crust is topped with tomato sauce, cheese, pike kebab, tomato, and onion.

Imagine yourself in the era of the Finnish opera legend Aino Ackté, as she crafted international flavors for her gatherings and surprised her guests—perhaps even serving pizza.

Fish of the day 28,50 €

Local lake fish, wild mushrooms, and seasonal vegetables

Operas, such as those by Jean Sibelius and Aulis Sallinen, have been influenced by Finnish nature and mythology. Similarly, our cuisine draws inspiration from the delicacies offered by Lake Saimaa.


We are part of the “from stage to plate: opera delights” tour!

The Savonlinna opera summer is the best time to indulge in the exquisite menus and dishes from local restaurants and cafes, all inspired by the magic of the opera.

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