2 Day Kayaking tour in Linnansaari National Park

2 Day Kayaking tour in Linnansaari National Park 7
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A full-service kayaking tour for the whole family in Linnansaari National Park. Our local guides have many years of guidance and paddling experience from this area. In addition to nature experiences the participants have the culinary possibility to try local fish and game delicacies. This tour is always done in small groups with private guide.

The excursion starts from Oravi village where we gear up and get to know each other. After that we head directly to the blue waters of Linnansaari National Park. Our paddling route will go through the island labyrinth to Linnansaari main island where we stay overnight. Accommodation in Eco hostel in traditional log huts. After a day outdoors, we’ll enjoy a dinner prepared by the guide, have sauna and maybe a little walk around the nature paths and museum croft area. After a well slept night in a cozy hut and breakfast we’ll head deeper into the national park waters. These waters are especially good for spotting the worlds most endangered seal “the Saimaa ringed seal” as well as the majestic Osprey. With a bit of good luck we’ll spot both of them!

After the paddling and wilderness lunch we return to Oravi where we end the excursion.

Duration of the tour: 2 days, 1 night.

Degree of difficulty: No former canoeing experience required, basic physical condition is enough. Suitable for families with children as well.

Starting and returning point: Oravi

Accommodation site: Sammakkoniemi camping site, Eco hostel with traditional log cottages. Each hut sleeps 4 people.


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Location: Oravi
Location: Oravi
42 km to city
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