Aurinkolaukan Harjutalli

Forget for a while everyday worries and come to enjoy the magnificent nature of Punkaharju with our surefooted Icelandic horses. First-time travelers as well as experienced are welcome to enjoy from an hour of field trips to all-day excursions and even multi-day riding tours with extras. Spend a memorable moment with your family, friends, yourself or even your co-workers. Let’s create a riding trip just a way you like. You find our homestable at Naaraniementie 3. In addition to eventing and cross-country riding, we organize riding camps, stable days and gait training.

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Facebook: Vaellustalli AURINKOLAUKKA and Aurinkolaukan Harjutalli

From the beginning of June to the end of August you will find us at Harjutalli at Finlandiatie 97. Experience Punkaharju’s lovely ridge area from the back of a horse. Take a horseback ride to explore the international tree park or cross the wooden bridge towards Hotel Punkaharju. Continue your journey to the waffle café where you can leave your horse to eat green grass in the yard, while you enjoy the sweet waffles of Inkeritalo by the coffee cup. So breathe a moment with our lovely Icelandic horses.


Price starting
30.00 € per hour
Free WiFi