Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän – Finnish Sauna World

Relax in the sweet heat of sauna, by the lakeshore of the Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän. There you can find separate sauna premises that are called Finnish Sauna World. The Sauna World consists Finnish wood stove saunas, traditional smoke sauna, steam sauna and an outdoor hot tub. The Finnish Sauna World has room for up to 70 bathers at the same time.

Our Finnish Sauna World includes: Atmospheric smokesauna, old fashioned bathing tub, two traditional woodheated saunas (Riihi and Hako) and a steam sauna.

Maximum capacity for our sauna world is 70 persons. Smokesaunas capacity is 30 persons and both old fashioned bathing tubs and steamcaves capacity is 10 persons. Thats not all. Sauna lean-to and an outside terrace is also included in the Savonian saunaworld. If it’s winter or summer you can go swim at the lake saimaa.

Price 630€/2h/group
Includes Saunas heating, sauna hosts services for 2 hours, shower gels, ice swiiming at winter.
Dressing rooms have peflet, moisturizing creams, hairdryer and swimsuits.


55 km to city
Free WiFi