Lekotti Air Trail Adventure

Lekotti Air Trail Adventure gives a wide variety of activities with high and low element challenges, zip lines and simulated free-fall adventures. The Trail is a carefully designed system of structures on 1 to 8 meters high where guests may walk, swing, climb or glide with or without assistance. The Trail is equipped with easy to use Smart Belay, which is a high standard personal security system that eliminates the risk of accidental unclipping from safety cable.

The guest may exit the Trail anytime by means of special descent device (it allows a quick and controlled landing). Activities will require periods of moderate to high physical exercise, exposure to heights, balancing, lifting, pushing, pulling and climbing. And besides, all activities are associated with excitement and emotional state that are rare in everyday life.


Price starting
20.00 € per person
1.5. - 30.9.
Mon-Sun Closed
55 km to city
Free WiFi