Linnonpolku Nature Trail 2 km (Linnansaari National park)

Linnonpolku Nature Trail, 2 km, is in varying terrain. The trail is marked with orange circles. On this trail you can see how both the natural phenomena and the man shape the landscape. Through the trees you can see Lake Haukivesi, which is part of the Saimaa lake complex. On this trail, you can learn about the prehistorical phases of Lake Saimaa forming. You can also find out about the herb-rich forests, which are rare in Finland, and their importance in contributing to biodiversity. The most threatened bird in Finland, the White-backed Woodpecker (Dendrocopos leucotos) lives on the former slash-and-burn fields on the shores. In addition to the slash-and-burn birch forests, the influence of the man can be seen in the planted spruce forests, and in the imported Pinus contorta pines which were planted about 60 years ago. Walking this circular nature trail takes about 1 hour.


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