Punkaharju Tour Skating Route

Tour skating is a great way of experiencing the frozen lakes in winter. Punkaharju tour skating route starts from Tuunaansaari, from Tourist centre Harjun Portti. This track is one of the longest in Finland, up to 15 kilometres! Equipped with several rest spots and a campfire with beautiful landscape, our track can be enjoyed even by the inexperienced skater.
The skates and all other necessary equipments can be found from our Equipment rental, a warm beverage can be enjoyded at our restaurant!


Price starting
8.00 € per person
Day 8 € | Season 50 € Tour skating package 22 € (inc. day ticket, skates, skateshoes and poles) Kick-Spark-kicksled package 17 € (inc. day ticket, kick-spark and ice-spikes) Find out more from our english websites www.harjunportti.fi
Monday - Friday 8.30-20, Saturday 9-20 Sunday 10-20
15 km to city