Puumala Seal Watching cruises

Saimaa seal watching tours in Puumala in early summer during four first weeks after ice-out is the best time of the year to see seals lying on a rock, sunbathing. Join friendly guide on a half-day safari and get to know Saimaa seal, its habits, habitat, and if we are lucky… see Saimaa seal live lying on a rock. The landscapes in Puumala are fantastic and there there are some 20 Saimaa seals living in the area. My ecoboat is the most seal-friendly boat available, and it brings you on the waters of Saimaa Seal on morning-charters and open evening-tours on select days. Ecoboat is very comfortable and weather-proof, thanks to the covered cabin it keeps you warm, and it is great for photography.


Price starting
59.00 € per person
Included in price
guide, ecoboat, coffee, use of binoculars
1.5. - 31.10.
Mon-Sun 9-22
Location: PUUMALA
Location: PUUMALA
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