The Porokylä Adventure

The Porokylä Adventure 7
Vastuullinen yritys

Yritys on itse ilmoittanut nämä toimipaikkakohtaiset vastuullisuusteot. Yritys vastaa itse tietojen paikkansapitävyydestä.

  • Tuemme vastuullisesti paikallistaloutta Tuemme vastuullisesti paikallistaloutta 3 / 3
  • Vaalimme kulttuuriperintöä Vaalimme kulttuuriperintöä 3 / 3
  • Olemme saavutettavissa esteettömästi Olemme saavutettavissa esteettömästi 2 / 2
  • Toimimme ympäristöystävällisesti Toimimme ympäristöystävällisesti 14 / 14
  • Teemme vastuullisuutta suunnitelmallisesti Teemme vastuullisuutta suunnitelmallisesti 5 / 6


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The Porokylä Adventure is a mix of excitement at the rappelling cliff and tranquil feeding session with reindeer.

Excursion starts from Järvisydän where our guide will pick you up.

At the Porokylä we start with gearing up for the rappelling. Cliff is located next to the reindeer hut.

Rappelling is simple in concept, but it can seem complicated in practice. First of all you have to win your fear to take the first steps over the cliff. When you finally reach the ground the feeling is great and you want to do it once again! During this program you will learn the technique how to abseil with a rope. The guide will take care of your safety. You will be secured with a safety rope from above.

After the exiting part of the trip we’ll go and meet our lovely reindeer. With the guide we can enter the reindeer pen to feed the reindeer with special reindeer moss. You can take pictures and get to know our reindeer family. Excursion and to the reindeer hut where we enjoy refreshing drinks!

This tour is suitable for everyone (for rappelling minimum age is 10yo). For rappelling please wear flexible outdoor clothes and outdoor/ running shoes.


Price starting
70.00 € per person
Included in price
Pick up from Järvisydän, guide, drinks, reindeer moss, rappelling gear
Price: 70€/person The price includes pick up from Järvisydän, guidance, climbing gear, helmet, reindeer moss, drink at the reindeer hut after the excursion.
Barrier free, Car parking, WC
Location: Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän,Rantasalmi
Location: Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän,Rantasalmi
55 km to city
Free WiFi

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