Vuorijärven mökkiEkin Eräelämys

S i t e / m i l i e u
Enonkoski, 0,5ha
Vuorijärvi, gently sloping sandy/stony beach, suitable also for children , coastline 120m
parking at the yard (car plug)

D i s t a n c e s
grocery 14km, close neighbour 200m, restaurant 14km, bus stop 7km, railway station 30km, airport 17km

H o l i d a y C o t t a g e
log house, 40m2, 5 + 2 sleeps
2bedr + hutkitchen + loft, 1.5-floors
winter habitable
built 1994

E q u i p m e n t
dock, rowboat
Energy ; power grid , electric lighting
fireplace, firewood
Sanitary ; water system / drilled well, Outhouse (non-flush outdoor toilet)
Hygiene ; shower, linen (10 €/set )
Cooking ; fridge , cellar, set of dishes
electric stove, gas stove, micro oven , stove (wood heated), coffee-maker, toaster
Cleanness ; dishwasher , washing machine , vacuum cleaner
Media ; TV, radio

S a u n a
sauna close to the shore, 12m2
wood-heated, 5-7 persons (max)
‘locker’ room, bathroom
built 2008