Cafe Opera & BBQVIP Cruise

Cafe Opera & BBQ is an upscale summer restaurant located on Savonlinna’s market square.

Cafe Opera & BBQ serves barbecue food made from quality ingredients. The raw materials are domestic meat and fish, most of which are obtained from local farmers. The long-aged and flame-fried dishes are first-class craftsmanship.

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Greetings from the kitchen

We offer approachable food in which we put all our professionalism and love, we want to share a comprehensive experience for our guests and allow them to enjoy the products from our food and drink menu, which are also suitable for sharing among a group even for a longer evening out.

Our producers include, among others, Pesola’s steak meat, Hauhala’s goose farm, Ikola’s farm slaughterhouse, Kerimäki’s fish file and Savonlinna’s Herkku Pekka bakery.



An unforgettable summer holiday in Saimaa!