Eco hostel and camping in Linnansaari National Park

Sammakkoniemi camping site and Ecohostel is located in the southern part of Linnansaari Nationalpark (main island). From Oravi 5 km and from Porosalmi about 12 km.

At the kiosk at Sammakkoniemi is possible to buy snacks and coffee, refreshments, sweets, fishing lisences and maps. The camp site has 5 huts, sauna, outdoor kitchen, fire places, tent sites and a guest harbour. During summer season it is possible to get to Linnansaari island by daily boat service from Oravi.

Price: 55 €/ hut / night

How to go to Linnansaari?
From Oravi June-August daily by regular boat transfer.
From Oravi and Järvisydän by boat taxi.
With boat or canoe!

Linnansaari National Park is located east of the main road no 5. Access to the National Park is by water. The municipality of Rantasalmi is about 44 km from the town of Savonlinna and 45 km from the town of Varkaus. The village of Oravi is 40 km from Savonlinna and 60 km from Varkaus.

From Oravi to camping site 5 km, from Porosalmi (Rantasalmi) about 12 km.

Services: Sauna, open fire cooking place, cooking hut, well, nature trails, kiosk, gear rental. 2 bunkbeds, table, chairs, pillows and duvets.


Price starting
55.00 € per day
Open hours
45 km to city
Free WiFi

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