KORPI Bistro | Enonkoski

Delicious food and refreshing drinks right by the frothy Enonkoski rapids. The local Karvila Brewery beers on tap and we also offer a to-go option from the brewery shop. The Karvila Brewery beer tasting available for request. Get to know the different beer styles and where the tastes in the beer come from.

Welcome to enjoy!


Price starting
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Open hours
21.1. - 12.2.
Mon-Thu Closed, Fri, Sat 14-18, Sun Closed

26.5. - 6.6.
Mon-Thu Closed, Fri, Sat 15-22, Sun Closed

7.6. - 20.6.
Mon Closed, Tue-Thu 15-21, Fri, Sat 15-23, Sun Closed

21.6. - 27.6.
Mon Closed, Tue-Thu 15-21, Fri, Sat 12-23:30, Sun 12-18

28.6. - 31.7.
Mon-Thu 14-22, Fri, Sat 12-23:30, Sun 12-18

January-February only Bar is open, no dining. Hours are subject to change due to prevalent restrictions. For the most up to date information, please visit our Facebook: Korpi Enonkoski, or www.korvenkutsu.fi
Barrier free, Car parking, WC
Free WiFi