KORPI Guesthouse | Enonkoski

The guesthouse offers a broad selection of accommodation. The main building has 10 charming rooms, which of 3 have an en-suite and the rest of them share bathrooms. The guesthouse building, next to Korpi Bistro has 21 rooms with mostly shared bathrooms. Both of the buildings have sauna facilities for guests.

Restaurant Korpi Bistro serves local delicacies made with love. The restaurant has a big dining room and a patio with an unobstructed view of nature and the frothy Enonkoski rapids. Other amenities include for example a bar, poker cabinet, gazebo, snooker table, darts, and of course an open patio with a full day of sunshine! Down to earth and relaxed atmosphere will make you feel at home.

On the patio, you can have a taste of the delicious local Karvila Brewery beers as well as the famous fish; vendace, and other Á la carte dishes. Karvila Brewery beers are the cornerstone of our business and therefore you will always find 2 to 4 of their beers from the tap and other options in bottles. We also offer a to-go option from the Karvila Brewery shop.

We promise to offer you the best possible experience and service, always with a smile on our faces!

Welcome to Korpi!


Barrier free, Car parking, WC
Free WiFi