Savonlinna Marketsquare

Finland has hundreds of market squares, but only one with the name Savonlinna!

The location alone in the heart of the lively summer tourist city, amidst the exceptionally beautiful lake scenery and on the banks of the fast-flowing Haapasalmi, which connects the lakes Haapavesi and Pihlajavesi, makes Savonlinna market square unique. The principal city parks and the passenger harbour are integral parts of its setting.

During the festival season, the start of each day of opera is celebrated in Harbour Park next to the market square every morning. Historical steamships call their goodbyes in the harbour and modern motor cruisers start their journeys from their berths at the square, adding their own greetings to the general hubbub. With the general structural change, the businesses on the market square has also adapted, putting more emphasis on the summer, which has become all the livelier with an ambience you can almost touch.

The market provides unforgettable moments for visitors as well as locals, enjoying the delicacies of market cafés, fish restaurants and market stalls.

The quintessential display includes the world-famous lörtsy pasties, fish pies and other tasty baked goods, fresh vegetables, berries and fruits; seedlings and flowers according to season; and a wealth of handmade items from traditional textiles to fishing gear and jewellery. There are natural and organic products, but industrial items are also available. In other words, Savonlinna market has it all!

The vendors on Savonlinna market square deserve a special mention: here you will find the prettiest market maidens and the most vital young men, not to forget the traditional market ‘grannies’ and ‘grandpas’, all waiting to serve you to the best of their abilities. Welcome to the market square – a unique experience at the heart of the Opera Festival City.

Operation Lörtsy – Here is how to enjoy it:

1. Go to Savonlinna market square and find a sign that says ‘lörtsyjä.’ Approach the vendor fearlessly.
2. Decide whether you’d like a savoury treat or something for your sweet tooth. Pick your favourite from the list (it’s best to enjoy something savoury first and save a sweet lörtsy for dessert).
3. Place your order – generally, the vendors understand languages other than Savo dialect.
4. Take your treat and find a comfortable place among other lörtsy gourmets.
5. Take your time, enjoy, check out the scenery, lick the sugar from the corners of your mouth and let it all sink in.

Opening hours of Savonlinna market square:
Mon-Sun 7:00-15:00, Sat 7:00-14:00

From 1 June to 15 August:
Mon-Fri 6:00-16:00, Sat 6:00-15:00

Sun 9:00-16:00

In July:
Mon-Fri 6:00-20:00, Sat 6:00-16:00, Sun 9:00-16:00

Where the Opera Festival extends into August, July opening hours apply.


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