Savonlinna’s hotels, summer hotels, holiday cabins and camping areas

A holiday cabin, a hotel, a farmstead, a city apartment – what is your favourite accommodation? Savonlinna area offers many different choices.

A summer cabin by Lake Saimaa is the most Finnish option of accommodation for spending your summer. The beauty of Lake Saimaa in the summer and the tranquil peace it offers is an unforgettable experience. Even during the winter time a cabin close to nature is a fantastic option for you to stay in. A snow covered Lake Saimaa is beautiful and serene.

You can find many different hotels in the area of Savonlinna, from which you can choose one the most appealing to you. There are even more options during the summer when individual summer hotels open their doors.

In holiday villages and camping areas you can spend time close to nature just like you would in a cabin, but the services are closer to you; restaurants, cafes and different activities.

The Savonlinna area also offers countryside holiday destinations where you can spend your time in a beautiful farming milieu, or if you prefer, you can rent a city apartment in Savonlinna and spend your time peacefully within the city itself.