Linnansaari National Park

Linnansaari National Park in Lake Saimaa offers Finnish Lakeland nature at its best. With its hundreds of islands and big open waters, it is a true paradise for anyone exploring it via water. And for hikers, there are many well-marked nature paths.

In winter, tour skating, kicksledding, cross-country skiing, walking or a pulled sledge are ways of moving around in the national park. The tour skating and winter walking route goes from Oravi via Linnansaari to Nature Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän. In the national park, there is also a wonderful snowshoe park and a pancake café that is open on weekends.

Services on Linnansaari island

  • Café/kiosk serving drinks, ice cream, snacks and fresh-smoked vendace
  • Canoe and rowing boat rental
  • Ecohostel: five traditional log barns
  • Tentsile Linnansaari – book your night in a tent hanging from trees
  • Sauna available for booking
  • Campfire sites, a cooking shelter, outhouses and a well
  • Two campsites: Sammakkoniemi and Perpulanluhta
  • The museum croft of Louhimaa, slash-and-burn areas and sheep out on pasture

Routes and trails in the national park