Rental cottages in the Lake Saimaa region

A good choice for an overnight stay is cottage rental. In a rented cottage, you will have privacy and be close to nature. Most cottages come with their own rowing boat with which you can make fishing trips or just enjoy the beautiful lake scenery. What would be a better way to spend a night in the Finnish summer than a cottage on the shores of Lake Saimaa?

You can also stay in a rental cottage in winter, and experience a wide variery of winter activities in the Savonlinna region from you cottage by car. From your lakeshore cottage, you can try ice fishing or just a walk on the frozen lake. In the late summer and autumn, you will even be able to pick berries and mushrooms from the forests to take home with you.

There are a lot of cottages in the Savonlinna region to choose from. You can opt for a cottage where electricity comes from solar panels and the toilet is an outhouse in the forest, or you can choose a cottage with all the modern conveniences.

Cottages are also a great choice for families with children. Going on an excursion to the forest together and exploring the surrounding nature are fantastic experiences for a child!


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