Restaurants in the Savonlinna region

The specialities of the restaurants in Savonlinna include fish from Lake Saimaa.

Probably nowhere else in the world, you can get your vendace (“muikku”) any fresher than in the Savonlinna region! Fish caught in the morning are on your plate by lunchtime. Through their local produce, restaurants around Savonlinna offer a taste of the surrounding countryside. Picture: Hotelli Punkaharju / Eveliina Särkänne

The renown and quality of Puruvesi vendace are based on its clean living environment. Their bones are softer compared to vendace caught from other lakes, and the crystal-clear waters of Lake Puruvesi creates the most high-quality fish as well as ensuring their double intake of vitamin D from sunlight.


As well as clean and local food, the people of Savonlinna invest in good service and atmosphere. A dinner in the medieval Olavinlinna Castle is a fantastic experience. Similarly, a table laden with Savo and Karelian foods made by your farmhouse host in a relaxed countryside surroundings is truly an unforgettable experience.

In addition to local foods you can also find international cuisine in Savonlinna, so that you can balance your plate of vendace with, for example, Chinese food or takeaways. You will be able to find your own favourite amongst Savonlinna’s many restaurants.

Delicacies from pure Finnish nature

Restaurants in the Savonlinna area