Nature, hiking and national parks

Savonlinna’s beautiful, natural countryside is extraordinary

There’s the pristine national parks of Kolovesi and Linnansaari, the vast waters of Lake Saimaa and wonderful nature of the boreal forests. Experiencing nature by hiking or canoeing around Savonlinna and Lake Saimaa is magnificent, with peninsulas, islands, inlets and shores, and unforgettable forests that you’ll want to return to again and again.

The nature routes of the Savonlinna area in the Kolovesi and Linnansaari National Parks offer some of the finest nature experiences in Lake Saimaa. In Punkaharju you will travel in some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes, so quintessentially Finnish. Our national parks and nature routes offer fantastic scenery and waterscapes. You might even come face to face with the endangered Saimaa ringed seal while out on the lake!

In the area of Savonlinna, you can experience the richness of Lake Saimaa’s nature, its trees, plants and the animals of the Finnish forest. The unique Saimaa ringed seal might even peek from the waves at the person walking along the shores. Savonlinna is one of three cities in the county of Etelä-Savo, and nature is close to us everywhere. Savonlinna is built on islands, so Lake Saimaa is never far away, no matter where you go.

A beautiful summers day hiking along the shores of Lake Saimaa will never be forgotten!

National Parks and the Saimaa Ringed Seal

Linnansaari National Park consists of hundreds of islands and big open lakes. It is a wonderful area for day trips, camping and boating. In Linnansaari you might even get to see the endangered Saimaa ringed seals. Many nature paths and hiking routes await you. From a sightseeing point you can admire the astounding scenery of Lake Saimaa.

The easiest way to get to Linnansaari national park is either from Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän (Rantasalmi) or SaimaaHoliday Oravi.

Kolovesi National Park, which spans over three counties (Enonkoski, Heinävesi,Savonlinna) is 55km2. this national park is ideal for canoeing and kayaking. There is a nature trail and a hiking trail which lets you get to know the area and the surrounding nature. The most famous sight at Kolovesi National Park is Ukonvuori. Its magnificent stone inclines will stay in your mind. On its walls it also has ancient rock paintings which are definitely worth seeing. In Kolovesi National Park silence is guaranteed; because of nesting sites of the Saimaa ringed seal, using motorized boats is forbidden in almost the whole park.