Nahkiaissalo nature trail in Kolovesi National park 3,3 kmMetsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland

Nahkiaissalo nature trail is in the north-eastern part of the park, in the Selkälahti area. Trail is situated on the main land and it is also possible to reach by car. The trail is 3,3 km on demanding terrain.


From Enonkoski direction 8 km from Hanhivirta car ferry. From Nahkiaissalon luontopolku -sign it is a couple of kilometres to the parking area, which is the trail’s starting and terminal point. Boaters can start the trail from Lohilahti camping area.

Before Nahkiaissalon luontopolku -sign there is a sign Koloveden kansallispuisto – National Park about 3,5 km from Hanhivirta car ferry. If you turn from that sign you will get to the road, which leads to Käkövesi information and launching point, not to Nahkiaissalo nature trail.

Nahkiaissalo nature trail, 3,3 km is touring on a demanding terrain. The trail is marked with orange circles on trees and you will see old forests and their species. The terrain varies from deep slopes to damp hollows. It takes appr. 2 hours to take the trail.

Services: camp-fire site and dry toilet at Lohilahti camping area, also beach.

Please notice that in the restricted area marked in the map of Kolovesi (Pieni Kolovesi) entering is not allowed at any time of the year. In the winter (1.1.-30.4.) it is also forbidden to enter any of the islands in the park.

There is no winter maintenance on the road leading to Nahkiaissalo nature trail, thus the trail is not accessible during snowy season.

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