Siikalahti WetlandMetsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland

Siikalahti is located in the municipality of Parikkala on Finland’s south-eastern border. It is known for the abundant and versatile array of bird species. Siikalahti is Finland’s most valuable inland bird wetland and the best lake in Finland for bird watching. It is also considered a significant bird wetland internationally. Siikalahti is part of the Lake Ladoga – Karelia area in respect to its flora and fauna.

Siikalahti is the overgrown eastern bay of Lake Simpelejärvi. It has been a bird wetland for only a short time. The bird paradise was born after the surface of Lake Simpelejärvi was dropped on two – three occasions (in order to get more farmland). This shallow, lush bay of Lake Simpelejärvi is naturally overgrowing.

Siikalahti Nature Information Hut in Siikalahti Wetland is open during the summer (from april to october). There is an exhibition and information of the area in the hut.

There are bird watching towers and platforms for observing the birds around the area. One of the lookout platforms is accessible by wheelchair. There is also a toilet for the disabled at Siikalahti parking area.

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