Punkaharju’s breath-taking scenery really is one of the most beautiful parts of Finland. Known for its eskers, Punkaharju has been a favourite amongst travellers for hundreds of years.

Russian Tsar Nikolai I was so delighted by Punkaharju that in the year 1843 he ordered the area to be protected and it has stayed that way since, making it ideal for modern travellers. Punkaharju is a fantastic place to spend time outdoors, either hiking, by bike or even by boat.

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Punkaharju offers more than beautiful eskers and the scenery of Lake Saimaa. The Finnish Forest Museum Lusto has exhibitions regarding the relationship of Finns and our forests, both in the past and the future. Lusto also offers events and theme days suitable for all ages, as well as a large tree park ideal for day trips. Local artist Johanna Oras has an open summer atelier where you can watch the artist at work.

For children, Punkaharju has its own water- and playpark called Kesämaa. Children and adults alike can enjoy many fun-filled days there. Nearby Kesämaa, there are good places for accommodation and many other facilities that a traveller might need, and many interesting sights to be seen. For example, at the Hepokatti farm B&B you can get to know farmyard animals. On a rainy day, you can relax in the pools of Kruunupuisto’s spa.

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Hapimag Punkaharju
Sleep Hapimag Punkaharju
Niittyniemi Villa in Punkaharju, H.Pitkänen
Sleep Niittyniemi Villa in Punkaharju, by Lake Puruvesi
Punkaharju Resort
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Finnish Forest Museum Lusto
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Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland
Recreation, See Punkaharju Nature Reserve
Holiday Resort Harjun Portti
Eat Café-Restaurant Harjun Portti
Punkaharju Resort
Sleep Sauna cottages
Finnish Forest Museum Lusto
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Punkaharju Resort
Sleep Punkaharju Resort
Holiday Resort Harjun Portti
Sleep Holiday Resort Harjun Portti
Holiday Resort Harjun Portti
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