Savonlinna attractions and culture

Savonlinna is a small city with a rich cultural life. The Savonlinna Opera Festival at Olavinlinna Castle is a world famous cultural event.

In addition to the Savonlinna Opera Festival, the Savonlinna area has a lot of other live music too, from the classical concerts of Savonlinna Music Academy to Huvila’s outdoor rock and pop concerts.

Come and listen to Savonlinna alive with music! During the summer, Savonlinna is a wonderful destination for art lovers. The area has many art galleries open during the summer and the museums with their exhibitions are open all year round.

You can enjoy the theatre at any time of year. Savonlinna Theatre has around five new plays each year and during the summer the area has many outdoor summer theatres. The Savonlinna area has many historical destinations as well, of which Olavinlinna Castle is the most famous. If you are interested in history you can visit the largest wooden church in the world at Kerimäki, and investigate statues and memorials of the area.

You will find many fascinating attractions and unforgettable experiences. There are not many holiday destinations where you can visit a world class opera, eat freshly caught Puruvesi vendace and see the endangered Saimaa ringed seal peeking from the waves of the lake. There’s the must-see Olavinlinna Castle with its mighty walls and fascinating stories, the world’s biggest wooden church at Kerimäki, and at Punkaharju there’s Lusto, the national Finnish Forest Museum.

There’s plenty on offer in Savonlinna and the surrounding area when it comes to culture and attractions, whether you’re visiting for just a day or much longer.