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The area of Savonlinna is the pearl of Lake Saimaa. Savonlinna is a beautiful and lively city of around 35 000 people in Eastern Finland, in the lap of lake Saimaa.

The varied nature of the area of Savonlinna shows the beauty and gracefulness of Finland’s Lakeland. From Savonlinna, a traveller can quickly get to the beautiful scenery of Punkaharju so characteristic of Finland, the rugged rocky shores of Kolovesi National Park, and the open waters and many islands of Linnansaari National Park. Savonlinna itself is built on islands, so Lake Saimaa is never far away.


The area of Savonlinna is a paradise for people who love spending time in nature. During the summer you can move around by ships, boats or even kayak. The forests and shores of Lake Saimaa call for hiking or riding excursions. In the wintertime you can move around Lake Saimaa by skiing, skating or snowshoeing. The area of Savonlinna has many other possibilities for activities too. In addition to spending time in nature you can ride horses, go downhill skiing, swim in the lakes and spas, climb rock faces and ice walls, play golf on the shores of Lake Saimaa, or play curling.

Savonlinna is an interesting and culturally rich destination. The Savonlinna Opera festival is a cultural event known across the world, and with Olavinlinna castle as its stage is a one of a kind historic attraction. In addition to opera, Savonlinna offers many other forms of live music, art, theatre, and history to anyone travelling here.

Around Savonlinna there are many small counties and villages with attractions and happenings. At Kerimäki there’s the world’s largest wooden church, and Finland’s Forest Museum Lusto, in Punkaharju, and much more.

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