Lake cruises on Lake Saimaa

Lake cruises are a big part of summer of Savonlinna. A cruise on Lake Saimaa on a nostalgic steamship or a handy motorboat is a relaxing way to spend a sunny summer’s day while enjoying the scenery around Savonlinna. (photo: VipCruise)

Scenic cruises on Lake Saimaa

There are daily scenery cruises on Lake Saimaa during the summer season, mainly between 1.6-31.8. A scenic cruise is an easy and affordable way to see the wonderful scenery of Lake Saimaa and also to see the beautiful city of Savonlinna and its attractions from water perspective.

There are many different cruise ships, smaller motorized vessels and nostalgic steamships. Most scenic cruises last from around an hour to an hour and a half, and the price is typically between 15€-25€ per person, depending on the vessel. During high season, there are cruises leaving every 30 minutes between 10 a.m.-6 p.m. In July, there are also earlier cruises in the morning and later ones in the evening. The easiest way to find out the schedules is just to go down to the harbour: the ships announce their next cruise on a sign right next to the boats. Check for more accurate specific timetables, prices and routes on the links below. Please note that the timetables may change due to charter cruises.

Cruises from Savonlinna to Punkaharju and Kuopio

You can do longer trips with cruise boats from Savonlinna as well. On one of these cruises, you can travel as far as Kuopio. On the way, you will travel past Lake Saimaa’s wonderful islands, bays and straits. Some cruises go to Punkaharju too; please check their timetables in advance. These cruises depart from Savonlinna’s passenger harbour.

Charter cruises

You can also book a whole cruise ship for your own use. Cruises can be tailored for small groups or even as many as a hundred people. Charter cruises have been popular as evening cruises, such as before an opera, or for arranging meetings. In autumn, cruises are available as long as Lake Saimaa stays open.


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