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Many galleries & exhibitions in Savonlinna and its surrounding areas are open all year round. In summer, the art life of the Savonlinna region really awakens, when small galleries and exhibitions open their doors. The art manor of the artist Johanna Oras is open in summer in Punkaharju, as is the artist Pentti Ikäheimonen’s Villi Villa in Rantasalmi. Photo: Art Manor Johanna Oras / Jouko Järvinen


Of course, we do have exhibits during the wintertime too. Savonlinna’s provincial museum Riihisaari has its permanent exhibition plus many other changing cultural and historical exhibits and art exhibits throughout the year. The exhibition at the bottom floor of Olavinlinna Castle tells the history of the castle. The Finnish Forest Museum Lusto has an exhibition that shows the importance of forests to Finnish people through the ages. Lusto also has other changing forest-themed exhibits.

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