Savonlinna delicacies and shopping

Savonlinna is a city of local delicacies, fresh local food (especially fish!), and craftspeople. Fresh produce from Lake Saimaa and the surrounding countryside form the basis of restaurants in and around Savonlinna.

“Muikku” (vendace), especially from Lake Puruvesi, “Puruveden muikku”, is a particular favourite! As well as local food, Savonlinna also offers international cuisine.

The coffeehouse culture of Savonlinna is of its own kind. Inside the wooden houses of old historical Savonlinna, there are distinctive little cafes and summer restaurants. Savonlinna Market Square must be one of the most beautiful places in our country to have coffee. People bring their boats to the Market Square since the guest harbour is right next to it. Savonlinna has its own special  delicacy, the “lörtsy”. Either savoury or sweet, this baked treat has spread around the country, but the most authentic ones are available only in Savonlinna.

Savonlinna has long traditions in beer making and even today, we have three craft breweries: Waahto Brewery, Olaf Brewing and Karvilan Panimo. You can buy the products of these breweries from most grocery stores and restaurants in the region.

As for shopping, Savonlinna and its surrounding areas offer many unique local products and souvenirs, and high quality fashion and design from Finland and abroad. You can shop for souvenirs, get gifts for friends and family or buy things for your home; a wide variety of options is available in Savonlinna.

Savonlinna is a city of craftspeople. Olavinlinna Castle was built towards the end of the 15th century, and during that time people of different skills started coming to the area to make what was needed in the castle. From that time onwards, there has been a lot of skilled craftspeople in Savonlinna. Nowadays you can find their workshops and boutiques in the old part of Savonlinna on Linnankatu street, and in the old railway station.

Come and taste local and international delicacies and discover Savonlinna and its beautiful surrounding villages!