Mäntysalon kämppä | Rental Hut | Kolovesi National ParkMetsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland

Rental Hut, 120 m2, is an old loggers’ cabin on an island of Mäntysalo in Kolovesi National Park. There is no transportation arranged, tenants must arrange passage from the mainland to the island independently. The hut is accessible from the south by canoe, rowing boat or electric motor boat.

The hut has a large common room, kitchen and bedroom. Accommodation for 10 people in bunk beds in the common room, four in the bedroom.

There are no waste containers at the hut. According to Metsähallitus’ principles, waste management at the hut is based on self-management of waste: hikers may burn all combustible waste in the fire and dispose of biodegradable waste in the composting toilet. Other waste must be brought by hikers to recycling points.
Lighting fire at the yard’s campfire site is forbidden if the forest or grass fire warnings are in effect.

About the location: Use “Kolovesi Nationalpark” with Google maps! “Kolovesi” guides to the wrong side of the park.

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