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In the Tentsile Eco Camp in Linnansaari National Park’s main island you can sleep cozily in the trees. In a tent suspended between the trees you sleep like on a cloud in the middle of nature. Compared to a normal tent this is even better, as you are higher from the ground, with better view and no pine cones under your bed. We also recommend booking the traditional Finnish sauna and having a swim in the lake!

We have Tentsile Stingray 3-person tents. All tents are set with a tarp and mosquito net and sleeping pads. You can use your own sleeping bag or book one as an extra service. When you arrive, your tent will be ready waiting for you. Check-in at the café on the island where the guide will give you instructions how to use the tent and all the services on the island.

On the campsite you can find fire places, cooking shelter, dry toilets, well and traditional Finnish sauna. From the kiosk/café you can buy snacks, soft drinks etc. and book canoes and rowing boats. You can go around the island by canoe or via nature trails starting from the camp site. There is also a museum croft area with sheep and slash and burn sites on the island.

Arriving: Linnansaari Eco Camp is located on the main island of Linnansaari National Park, on the Sammakkoniemi campsite. You can reach it by canoe, boat or with the regular boat service from Oravi. There is no land access to the island. Also, no electricity or running water!

By canoe: rent a canoe or kayak from Oravi paddling center. From Oravi to the camp ca. 5 km by water.

Regular boat service: daily 8.6. – 15.9.2024. Check the timetable and buy tickets

Price: 26 €/ adult/ return ticket, 13 €/ child/ return ticket

Available: 17.5.-30.9.2024.

Check-in: at the Linnansaari cafe/kiosk from 2pm (on kiosk’s opening hours), other times at the reception in Oravi

Tentsile Stingray for 3 persons: 60 €/ night

The price includes the tent with tarp and mosquito net and sleeping pads. All ready for you.

Late Breakfast: 12 €/ person (served at the café at 10 am. Menu: fresh rolls, jogurt, fruit, coffee/ tea, juice)
Sleeping bag with mummy liner: 15 €/ person
Bedlinen, blanket and pillow: 15 €/person