Unforgettable Sealsafari in Linnansaari National Park (May)SaimaaHoliday Oravi

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On this seal safari you will enter deep into the national park, to the home waters of osprey and the endangered Saimaa ringed seal. On this tour our main goal is to have good look at the seals and get to know about their life! You will be guided by one of our wilderness guides specialized in seals. Seal Safaris are made with open boats to give the participants the best possibility to spot the seals. We also stop on one of the islands to enjoy a coffee break in the wilderness. Duration 3 hours.

Boat is equipped with life jackets, rain gear, first aid kit and binoculars.

NOTE. Safaris are done in small groups on open boats.

Starting place
Oravi village

75 €/person

These trips are suitable for individual travellers. Places for trips are sold with person prices.


May is the main seal season. In May the seals are molting on the rocks throughout the day. Seals molt from the time the ice has melted for 1 month, this is usually from the beginning of May until the first week of June. In May the chance of seeing seal is 99%. After the molting season (when the seals shed their winter fur) the best time to see the seals is at sunset. At sunset it can be possible to see the seals resting on the rocks but most often we see the seals in the water. On the sunset seal safaris, the chance of seeing seal is circa 50-60%. The departure times for the sunset safaris can be seen in the booking calendar.

Our trips are seal friendly and we do not disturb the animals.

GOOD TO KNOW: On our lake safaris we travel with safe and fast aluminum boats that are able to land even on the rocky islands. We also have a catamaran with bow visor for easy access. All our guides have years of experience with the seal excursions and they know the best places for spotting the seals.