A comfortable Honkarakenne round log villa with a kitchen, three bedrooms, two toilets, a washroom and an electric sauna was built on a wonderful beach plot in Saimaa. A nice cottage also needs a separate wood-heated sauna, a living room with a naturally glazed terrace. The sea captain built a round terrace to depict the bridge of the ship where he had done his life’s work. A strong post was placed on the edge of the terrace, where the ship’s rudder became. Since the cabin has to be built more than 20 meters from the beach, a glassed-in gazebo is needed to view Saimaa, as it is known that summers in Finland are sometimes cold. As a surprise for the guests, the captain built a garden fence behind the gazebo where the guests can sleep in their own peace in a double bed. Naturally, a summer house needs a garage and storage space. The sea captain also wanted to go on boats in Saimaa, so a separate boat ramp was built on the plot where you can drop a bigger or smaller boat in Saimaa. The captain was not used to walking in the sand, so gentle steps were made between the buildings. Next to all the other buildings, the captain built a huge terrace, only the garage and the yard shed were left without. Over time, the rudder rotted and the captain also aged. It was time to give up the beloved villa where for 15 years we had enjoyed the peace of the countryside, the pure nature of Finland, and the view of Saimaa.

Fortunately, help was nearby. Mika already owned the neighboring Villa Saimaa and Villa Norpa, so Mika bought Villa Joutsene. We painted the living room and bedrooms with white lacquer. We renewed the kitchen and toilet furniture. Our customers have really liked the outdoor jacuzzi, so we got it next to the sauna terrace. The terraces still need oiling. We also added pressurized water to the garden sauna with a cable, so there is water even in winter. Now we offer a property with an incredibly nice yard area, equipment and building stock for groups of up to 14 people. Many people ask what kind of beach. The snow has melted and the beach revealed a great sandy beach. The gentle beach is also particularly suitable for children. The bay is also sheltered from the north wind. Look at the pictures to get a better idea of the plot and the buildings.

Welcome to a happy holiday. If you feel that you want to spend a vacation, birthday, other family celebrations in a wonderful cottage and surroundings, book Villa Joutsen.

Equipment: Everything you need, modern kitchen, cutlery, electric car charging, cooling, outdoor jacuzzi, boat launch, boat, dock, gas grill, fireplace, WiFi, etc.

After Midsummer, we rent for weeks until August 10. Exchange day Sunday. Price 1900 € per week.
In autumn and winter, weekends are also available, Fri-Sun for 500 € and a week for 1200 €.
Ask for offers.

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