In the morning I sat on the terrace enjoying the view. I listened to the birds singing, a woodpecker knocking on the coil of the fireplace on the hill, somewhere in the distance a cuckoo is falling. The wind hums quietly. Saimaa’s waves are lapping. Somewhere in the distance you can hear the whirring of a motorboat. I pondered whether to look at the passage of the day’s blue clouds in the sky like the thinker of Havukka-aho, or from the pier to the waves of Saimaa, whether to go fishing for perch, go for a run in nature, whether to heat the sauna or the bath tub, in the morning or in the evening. I came to the conclusion that this can be offered to vacationers with a clear conscience. Come and decide for yourself what you will do at Villa Norppa.

For those of you who want the peace of nature on your vacation in the wonderful coastal landscape of Saimaa, on a beautiful plot with a beach slope with a pine forest. In a fully modern equipped Honkarakenne round log cabin, with a separate wooden sauna, with a bathtub embedded in the terrace. We built Villa Norppa with care and love. In Saimaa, there is enough clear water for water jetting, for example. Come and experience the culmination of a domestic holiday at Villa Norppa.

Book a weekend, a week or ask for an offer for another period from Matti +358 44 548 0131

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I will answer quickly 8 am – 12 pm

If there are not enough beds or free time, see

With the Pihlajavesi excursion map, you can plan a trip from Villa Norppa to, for example, Kongonsaari’s latch station or many other great places.

holiday cottage, planed log, 84m2, 6 + 2 beds, 3rd bedroom + kitchen-living room, winter living, electric heating built in 2007

EQUIPMENT wharf, rowing boat, petrol engine 2 hp (20/day + petrol), energy; mains power, electric lighting, electric heating, reserve fireplace, firewood, sanitary facilities; water supply (well), indoor toilet hygiene; shower, hairdryer, bed linen (10/set) bath tub for 6 persons cooking; fridge/freezer, crockery, electric stove, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, gas outdoor grill cleanliness; dishwasher, washing machine, iron and ironing board, vacuum cleaner media; internet connection WiFi

Midsummer 20.6-23.6.2024 2000 euros

Week after Midsummer 1500 euros. Exchange day Sunday

In autumn and spring, 500 euros for the weekend and 1200 euros for the week, a lot is included in the price.

For special episodes, ask for an offer; internet connection WiFi

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