City homes

If you’re looking for accommodation, you can rent a privately owned home from Savonlinna during your visit to the opera or some other event.

Savonlinna city has offered city homes for rent for a few decades, since the Savonlinna Opera Festival became such a big event that the city’s hotels and other accommodation were not enough meet demand. Rentable private homes were the result – people living in the city offered their own homes for rent temporarily for the use of opera guests. Nowadays all travellers can find somewhere to stay suitable for their needs from these private homes or other local hotels and accommodation.

This kind of accommodation is now a world wide trend so, in that respect, Savonlinna was ahead of the times for years.

For more information and booking please contact owners directly. Contact details on the adverts below.

Cosy Studio in the Heart of Savonlinna
Sleep Cosy Studio in the Heart of Savonlinna
Apartment in Linnankatu street
Sleep Apartment in Linnankatu street