Winter fishing on the ice on Lake Saimaa


Great catches await at Lake Saimaa! Winter fishing and ice fishing on the frozen surface of Lake Saimaa call for anyone with an interest in fishing.

Lake Saimaa gives plenty of fish even during the cold winter months. Fishing in winter means fishing with a small rod through a hole in the ice or netting through the ice. A sunny winters day on the ice on Lake Saimaa, sitting by the bore hole while waiting for something to take the bait is a wonderful way to spend a part of your holiday. You can also fish by nets on the lakes during the winter.

For first timers, there are guided fishing excursions to go and try out the wonders and relaxation of winter time fishing. With a guide everything is taken care of, all equipment needed are supplied, so just join in and enjoy!

In the Lake Saimaa area, the Kerimaa Holiday centre, together with Kerigolf, has come up with a one of a kind concept of ice-fishing golf. In ice-fishing golf, the players hit the ball onto the ice and bore a hole wherever the ball lands and fish there. On the next round the player can try and steal another player’s bore hole by hitting their ball close enough to the others bore hole. This truly is a winter activity that you can try nowhere else!

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