Cross-country skiing


Savonlinna and its surrounding areas offer many maintained skiing routes. The skiing routes are situated in the breath-taking scenery of Lake Saimaa, over the lake ice, through the forests, and over the hills and fields surrounding it. In Savonlinna you can start skiing straight from the town itself. (Photo: Kruunupuisto)

Savonlinna area offers many suitable skiing routes for skiers of all levels. You can rest and take a break in the many lean-tos, kotas, skiing huts and winter cafes situated along the routes. Whilst on your skiing trip it is always a wonderful moment to take a breather and enjoy a cup of something hot.

Children and grown-ups alike can learn to ski in our skiing school. Savonlinna skiing society provides more information on the skiing school during the winter and also on skiing competitions. In our area, there are skiing events, excursions and even themed-skiing. You don’t even need to bring your own equipment; everything can be rented here.