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Vastuullinen yritys

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  • Tuemme vastuullisesti paikallistaloutta We support the local economy in a responsible manner 3 / 3
  • Vaalimme kulttuuriperintöä We treasure cultural heritage 2 / 3
  • Toimimme ympäristöystävällisesti We are environmentally friendly 13 / 16
  • Teemme vastuullisuutta suunnitelmallisesti We are consistent in sustainability 4 / 6


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There are six double rooms in the guesthouse with a private bathroom in each room. Some rooms with a lake view. The rooms are decorated with natural patterns and birch furniture. There is a TV as well as WiFi in the room. The guests have a possibility to use the kitchen in the guesthouse. A room occupies max. two over 18-year-old persons.
When B&B Taipaleenniemi functioned as a dairy, the guesthouse served as a storage house and a barn. Also later when there was a school there, it was used as a barn because the teachers of the school had the right to keep cows. Later on the building was converted into a guesthouse.

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