Restaurant & Bar Kalastajan KojuOvaskala Oy

“Give man a fish, and he wants to eat it in Kalastajan Koju”

Restaurant & Bar Kalastajan Koju, or Fisherman’s hut, belongs to Savonlinna’s summer like sunset to the beautiful evening in Lake Saimaa.

Kalastajan Koju is located in Savonlinna Market Square, on the northern end of it. Our restaurant is very down to earth, or could you say, next to water. You will find straight Savonian local food cooked with our Grandmothers recipes. Granny lived next to lake and all her delicious recipes were based on the fact that fish is fresh when you start to cook it. And freshness is the main spice also in our restaurant today, pleasant surroundings and cool beverages guarantee that you will enjoy Opera town’s atmosphere in our terrace.

Pet friendly.