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If you want a private vacation in beautiful surroundings, read this!
Our “Time Out in Saimaa” private holiday are tailored exactly to your needs. You can come alone or with a friend, and together you can decide what you want from your vacation. Alwya only 1 set of guests at the time.

There is e.g. yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises.
You can order relaxing GuaSha treatments that relax the body and mind.
Our lovely sheep and chickens act as effective therapists and interest both children and adults.
We have a boat with which we can take you to enjoy Saimaa, you can go on excursions or just hang out. In addition, you can e.g. fishing, picking mushrooms and of course swimming and sauna.

We offer both companies and groups yoga classes, yoga therapy, bird courses and excursions, stargazing evenings, while you learn about space and the stars.

We offer you tailored holidays meeting your or your company’s needs. We offer different activities from boating to shooting and star watching. You can also just relax and enjoy our 4 000 book library.