Tour skating on Lake Saimaa

Lake Saimaa is close by wherever you are in the Savonlinna area, so what could be a better way to get active on a winter’s day than tour skating!

-Check for up to date information on the current state of the routes on Punkaharju and Oravi diaries!

-Saimaa Arctic Trail in Linnansaari on Google Map and Punkaharju winter routes map.

Tour skating suits everyone, and it does not require good physical fitness; everyone can skate at their own speed and for a distance suitable for them. The long-bladed skates are attached to sturdy boots or ski boots, which can be rented from equipment rentals in the Savonlinna area. Tour skating season generally lasts from January to March when the lakes are frozen solid.

In the Savonlinna region, there are kilometers upon kilometres of maintained and safe tour skating routes. Tracks can be found in Savonlinna, Punkaharju and Rantasalmi. The route through Linnansaari National Park from Oravi to Järvisydän in Rantasalmi might just be a longest and most beautiful in Finland; weather allowing, there is as much as 40 kilometers of this route which winds through frozen lake scenery. Skaters, skiers, walkers, winter cyclers and kicksledders are also welcome on this route. You will also find rest stops along the way where you can have your lunch and just take in the awesome Lake Saimaa winter scenery.

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