Boating and boat trips on Lake Saimaa


Boating, boat trips and Lake Saimaa belong together. During the summer, Lake Saimaa calls for boaters and campers. Lake Saimaa is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Finland, and its beauty has been recognized even abroad. The Wall Street Journal for example listed Lake Saimaa as one of the top 5 most beautiful lakes in the world.

Saimaa is a fascinating destination to explore by boat. From the lake district, you can find large stretches of open water, narrow straits, rugged stony shores, and sheltered beaches under trees, as well as islands and islets of many different sizes. Travelling on the lake, you can create your own route.

Lake Saimaa has many guest harbours in which you can tie up your boat and rest a moment. You can find these in almost every county or village from Savonlinna to Punkaharju, and from Kerimäki to Enonkoski. In addition, Lake Saimaa also has camping- and natural harbours where you can find a fireplace, waste disposal and sometimes an outdoors toilet facilities or lean-to laavu shelter.

You can boat on Lake Saimaa even if you don’t own your own boat since there are many local boat rental places, or you can explore Lake Saimaa on the more traditional inland lake cruise ships.