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Our new Järvisydän Lake Spa will give you a new kind of Finnish lake wellness experience. The spa is built in the middle of the natural rocks and the large windows are overlooking Lake Saimaa. In the middle of the spa you can find the heart of the lake – a natural pond with the shape of the heart. The building itself will be hidden under the forest terrain, which amplifies the original atmosphere of the Järvisydän.

Natural materials are used for Lake Spa’s genuine and exciting experience. Rugged rock walls, natural stone tiles, pools with the natural rock bottoms and the twinkling lights will bring the ancient time to the present day. A fire flames in the fireplace, the candles twinkling around the spa and a daylight shimmers from the fissures in the rock. Water, washed off the roof timbers will bring softness to the space and rocks of the interior create a rhythm between rooms.

A Lake Spa lounge area provides healthy delights for our guests with the unique view to the spa. You can also pamper yourself in the several types of saunas and the treatment rooms overlaps around the pond, allowing personalized beauty treatments to our guests’ needs. Outdoor pools meanders down to the beach and in winter the bravest can take a dip in to the fresh waves of Lake Saimaa.

At our spa:

• The spa features 5 saunas – The Stone sauna, Hammam, Steam sauna, Infrared sauna and a Sunken log sauna.
• 6 leisure pools – circulating water pool, whirlpool and a kids’ pool as well as a cold pool and 2 outdoor pools. Water from Lake Saimaa is used in the outdoor pools and the temperature is the same as in the lake.

• Solar energy is used 7 months a year.
• 75% of the heat emmitted from our fireplaces is used to heat the spa.
• More than 20 km of pipes run through the Lake Spa
• The ceiling has been built using sunken logs that date back over 5 centuries.
• More than 3.6 km of geothermal pipes run through the bottom of the lake.


Price starting
29.90 € per person
55 km to city
Free WiFi