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Spa holiday in the Scenery or Kota Suite
Enjoy an unforgettable spa holiday under the starry sky in the Scenery or Kota suite! Spa holiday for 1-2 persons in includes breakfast in restaurant Piikatyttö, entrance to the Lake Spa (once a day) and your choice of activity (season’s rental gear 2 h, Valamo winetasting, yoga class, Kaarnetsaari cruise in summer). Suites are equipped with a fireplace, mini kitchen, minibar and bath room.

The Scenery Suites of Järvisydän are located close to the lake shore of the resort, so you can enjoy the beautiful lake views and the scenery of Linnansaari National Park. In summer you can feel the nightless night through the skylight windows; in Autumn the coming darkness and quietness with autumn colors; in winter the beautiful dark, starry sky and maybe even the Nordic Lights and in Spring the awakening of nature.


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