Puruveden Lomahuvilat | Riuttahovi holiday housePuruveden Lomahuvilat | Puruvesi Holiday Villas

Take it easy in Villa Riuttahovi. Riuttahovi is located in Savonlinna at the tip of a small headland by the clear water of the Lake Puruvesi (Saimaa). Riuttahovi suits as well for families as for couples.

The building is made from solid logs and equipped with all the technical equipment you need for a relaxing holiday. Indoors there is underfloor heating and air conditioning that increases the pleasure of living. The next cottage is in 400 meters, so you can enjoy a restful holiday.

There is also a 50 m² terrace including a hot tub where you can enjoy from a refreshing bath while admiring a beautiful sunset and a private shore. From Riuttahovi’s large landscape windows and from the terrace there opens a beautiful lakeside view to Kalliosaari (rocky island) and the open water of the Lake Puruvesi. Total indoor area is 111 m².

There are two bedrooms and a balcony, one and a half-storey (max 6 + 1 people), kitchen integrated to living room, two toilets, bathroom with two showers and a wood heated sauna.

There is a separate wood heated beach sauna in the area of Riuttahovi. Swimming shore is gently slope and sand-based, so it’s also suitable for children’s use. Customers can use the beach sauna from May to end of October.