Puruveden Lomahuvilat | Log villas on the shores of the Lake SaimaaPuruveden Lomahuvilat | Puruvesi Holiday Villas

“Relax and breath. Feel your root.
Hey, you´re free. Go barefoot!”

Puruveden Lomahuvilat in Punkaharju offers accommodation in log villas with their own beaches. Here you can also enjoy the sauna or hot tub amid the beautiful lakeside scenery of the lake Puruvesi (Saimaa). Puruveden Lomahuvilat is located 50 km from Savonlinna and only 16 km from the village of Punkaharju.

Our villas are ideal for families and couples. The villas’ large windows and decking areas offer a sense of space and stunning views across the lake.

Punkaharju is home to the Finnish Forest Museum Lusto, the scenic Punkaharju Ridge Road, which was named the Finnish road of the century, and a wide range of services and activities. The world’s largest wooden church in Kerimäki, the Olavinlinna Castle and all the other sights and services in Savonlinna are also within a short drive.

Puruvesi offers excellent opportunities for fishing and Petrisaari (island) with its guest marina. There are also other services for boaters that are easy to reach.


* Savonlinna 50 km
* Punkaharju (village) 15 km
* Punkaharju (ridge area) 18 km

*** Hop in a car or on a train and come to the Savonlinna region. The Jewels of the Countryside in the Saimaa region are within easy reach all year round ***


Puruveden Lomahuvilat | Puruvesi Holiday Villas
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