The Savonlinna Opera Festival – One of the world’s best-known opera festivalsSavonlinna Opera Festival


The Savonlinna Opera Festival is the Finnish cultural event best known internationally and a leading Finnish tourist destination.

Over the years it has grown into an international festival lasting one month. It attracts an annual total audience of around 70,000, a good 10 per cent from abroad. Savonlinna has become an icon among opera-lovers the world over, for it is more than just first-class opera in ancient castle; it is also an idyllic little town set amid lakes, islands and forests, light summer nights, and a stimulating cultural atmosphere. It is a matchless opportunity for East to meet West in the great courtyard of medieval Olavinlinna Castle, surrounded by mighty stone walls. The unique 2,264-seat castle auditorium has excellent acoustics and is protected by an awning from wind and rain.

Long live Finland and the Savonlinna Opera Festival!