The Savonlinna Opera Festival – One of the world’s best-known opera festivals

The Savonlinna Opera Festival is the Finnish cultural event best known internationally and a leading Finnish tourist destination.

Over the years it has grown into an international festival lasting one month. It attracts an annual total audience of around 70,000, a good 10 per cent from abroad. Savonlinna has become an icon among opera-lovers the world over, for it is more than just first-class opera in ancient castle; it is also an idyllic little town set amid lakes, islands and forests, light summer nights, and a stimulating cultural atmosphere. It is a matchless opportunity for East to meet West in the great courtyard of medieval Olavinlinna Castle, surrounded by mighty stone walls. The unique 2,264-seat castle auditorium has excellent acoustics and is protected by an awning from wind and rain.

The key to the Savonlinna Opera Festival’s success is its high artistic standard. The main responsibility for this lies with Artistic Director, Jorma Silvasti: “We make sure that we employ only the best Finnish talents, supplemented as necessary with foreign stars. We are particularly proud of our Festival Choir and Orchestra, our cornerstone. Over the years, singers of the finest calibre have risen from the Choir’s ranks, and we intend to go on offering young Finns a chance to advance in their careers.”

Long live Finland and the Savonlinna Opera Festival!


Opeara season 2019

What is opera? A soprano sings and the audience sniffs? This too, but also catchy tunes, twirling waltzes and end-less blunders. There’ll be plenty of laughs, too, in Olavin-linna Castle in summer 2019, in a programme that fea-tures both comic opera and operetta.

Opera season 2019


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