Tanhuvaara Sports InstituteTanhuvaara Sports Institute

Tanhuvaara Sports Institute is an attractive service center for sports, recreation and physical training. Vocational physical-training education in Tanhuvaara is part of the Finnish education system, which values well-trained teachers and quality teaching equipment.

In terms of competitive sports, Tanhuvaara’s focus lies on track-and-field events, ice sports, indoor ball games, and shooting. Tanhuvaara is one of the region’s renowned track-and-field training centers and also offers top coaching, especially for throwing sports.


Tanhuvaara provides opportunities for recreational activities for everybody, from babies to grandfathers. Here you can get active in many different sports, both indoors and outdoors, throughout the year. Both individuals and groups are welcome, and you can either create your own activities or let our staff of professionals guide you. Take your family on an active vacation at Tanhuvaara! Our packages offer everything from active adventures to moments of relaxation. Opened in 2013, Tanhuvaara Sport Spa is a spa especially designed for the physical well-being of the active individual.

Exercise brings up appetite. Tanhuvaara offers three different restaurants to suit both bigger and smaller appetites.

Their menus include local fish caught from the clean waters of Lake Finland, along with wild berries and mushrooms picked in the area’s woods. Restaurant Espilä’s buffet offers nutritionally balanced meals in keeping with Finnish culinary traditions.
Cafe Espilä sates smaller appetites, and Bar Espilä welcomes thirsty guests.

Sports facilities

With us at Tanhuvaara, it is easy to slow down and gain focus but also to make the most of your training. The modern facilities here provide a versatile and dynamic setting for amateurs and professionals alike.
Our track-and-field facilities include a full-size field with a top-quality surface and an indoor training hall. Ball-game enthusiasts will find excellent turf at Tanhuvaara, and the smooth ice propels all kinds of ice sports. Tanhuvaara also boasts Finland’s most up-to-date indoor shooting range.
Numerous hiking trails will guide you through magnificent scenery. A lakeshore and woods environment provides unique attractive recreational settings.

Lecture and conference facilities

Tanhuvaara provides conference facilities suitable for all kinds of meetings and seminars. The facilities are equipped with a data projector, overhead projector, Internet connection, flip board, and screen. Any meeting may be complemented with our restaurant’s excellent catering service.

Restaurant Espilä, max. 180 guests

EspiläKabinetti, max. 40 guests (licensed premises)
Restaurant-style tables, conference equipment

Bar Espilä, max. 60 guests
For daytime meetings of short duration

Lakeshore sauna, 175 m2, max. 40–50 people
Large sitting area with fireplace, used also for meals; kitchen; two saunas, with changing rooms; outdoor deck and a fire pit. In winter, guests may also take a dip in an ice hole at the generously sized dock.

Kaartila saunas, max. 40–50 people
Large sitting area with a fireplace and two long tables for meals. Island suitable for buffets, with kitchenette. 2 saunas, with changing rooms. Outdoor deck.

Kaartila classroom Leo, max. 25 people
Modern conference equipment, video projector, smartboard, audiovisual equipment, flip board. Tables in classroom formation.

Kaartila’s meeting rooms Martti & Olli, max. 20 people
Kitchenette, sofa area, conference tables and modern audiovisual equipment.

Kaartila’s computer classroom provides 25 computers and modern conference equipment.

Torkkeli lecture hall, max. 40 people
Tables in classroom formation.

Auditorium, max. 90 people
Conference equipment.

Kota tepee, max. 30–40 people
Facilities for informal gatherings, with catering and chef’s services available on request.

Villa Vuorela, with sauna, 150 m2, for 8 people

Our indoor exercise rooms can also be transformed into conference rooms for larger gatherings.


Tanhuvaara Camping was opened recently and will be further developed over the coming three summers. The camping area is nestled in a quiet spot near a lake, only 5 minutes’ walk from the Tanhuvaara Resort services. Tanhuvaara Camping combines a relaxed vacation in a beautiful setting with the convenient recreation services of the resort. For instance, you can enhance your stay with a visit to the spa, boat rental, or participation in group activities. You will also have access to free outdoor services, such as hiking trails and beach volleyball fields.
No matter the weather, there’s always something going on at the Tanhuvaara Resort!

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Tanhuvaara Sports Institute
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Tanhuvaara Sports Institute
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