The Lost Passport -blog: 13 Awesome Things to do in Savonlinna

Savonlinna is a stunning old city located in the middle of Finland’s largest lake system, the Saimaa Lakes. When you visit Savonlinna you are literally surrounded by water and can immerse yourself in a beautiful yet non-touristy Finnish city.

Though many people may not have heard of it before traveling to Finland, there is a surprising number of things to in Savonlinna. From exploring the stunning Olavinlinna Castle, to paddling through the national park while spotting the world’s rarest seal, or cruising around the harbor on a traditional steamboat, you won’t get bored here, that’s why I’ve also listed it as one of the top places in Finland.

We visited Savonlinna for 4 days as part of our two-week road trip around Finland. But to be honest, we could easily have spent an entire week here.

In this guide, I will cover 13 things to do in Savonlinna. Note that a few of these will only be applicable in the summer months, so be sure to check opening hours and availabilities while you plan.

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