How to get to Kolovesi National Park?

Kolovesi national park, like Linnansaari, is located for the most part on islands. Kolovesi is best suited for canoeing/kayaking or rowing a boat; motorboating is forbidden in most parts of the park.

How to get to Kolovesi?

Kolovesi National Park is located in Enonkoski, approx. 50 km from Savonlinna.

  • It is easiest to get to Kolovesi by car, driving either to Käkövesi or Kirkkoranta information and launching spots. At Kirkkoranta, you can also rent a canoe. To Nahkiaissalo Nature Trail that is located on the mainland, there is a sign “Koloveden kansallispuisto Nahkiaissalo” at the junction of road going to Selkälahti and road no 471. The distance from Savonlinna to Nahkiaissalo is 53 km.
  • You can order a safaribus to take you from Savonlinna or Oravi to Kirkkoranta at Kolovesi.
  • By train, the closest places you can get to are Savonlinna and Vihtari. There is public transportation from Savonlinna to Oravi (see: Getting to to Linnansaari National Park) and from Oravi, you can order transportation to Kolovesi. The distance from Vihtari to Kirkkoranta is 26 km, and is best travelled by taxi.
  • By bus, you can get to Savonlinna or Enonkoski (the distance from Enonkoski to Käkövesi is 15 km and to Kirkkoranta 22 km) or to Savonranta (the distance from Savonranta to Käkövesi is 25 km and to Kirkkoranta 21 km). There are no bus connections from Enonkoski or Savonranta to Kolovesi.
  • From Oravi, you can go on a guided or self-guided paddling excursion all the way to Kolovesi. Paddling from Oravi to Kolovesi takes 1-2 days, and the distance is approx. 30 km (one-way). At Kirkkoranta, you can also rent a canoe or kayak (rental point with no staff or services). Read more about paddling in Kolovesi.